Workemon (SPOILERS)

This is one of the most hilarious games I ever played. Let’s see what I like about the game. Spoilers Alert!

Walkthrough: link

Basically you get to be a heir of the Golden Spoon Corporation. You inherit your dad’s company, make money by having workemon work for you, and buy your brothers and sisters’s companies.

Your brothers and sisters are totally well-dressed and classy!

Screenshot_2017-03-10-15-59-30.png Screenshot_2017-03-12-17-40-54.png

Screenshot_2017-03-12-22-19-09.png Screenshot_2017-03-12-22-43-41.png

Screenshot_2017-03-12-22-46-06.png Screenshot_2017-03-13-01-12-49.png

Screenshot_2017-03-13-01-32-34.png Screenshot_2017-03-13-02-04-31.png

Personally I like 7th the best. Totally my type of guy who isn’t ashamed to like girly things.

You occasionally catch sight of your dad dating other women! It’s hilarious!


You can buy these luxurious items and they will give you EXP, extra income and bonuses. They are watches, wallets, bags, shoes, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, handkerchiefs, keychains, bracelets, earrings, belts, cars and airplanes.

Then you go to Take My Money where you find potential love interests secretaries.


My first secretary is so cynical, pfft!

I’m really glad I picked White first, although he only gives off 1 health point per second.

Ahh White! You’re smoking sexy~


What he says to you after you give him the two star handkerchief:


Awww~ true love my ass, you had to make me guess what you like and spend all those precious rubies on you!

Then I tried to get with Black Yellow:


Is that a sailor outfit? What are you doing are you taking off your clothes or what XP

He gives me 2X health points per second. I couldn’t ask for any less.


Then this is Red. I didn’t bother to do any more than 50% affection since everything he says is repeated as White and Black Yellow.

Apparently you can find all the male secretaries on hashtag twitter.


I wish they had one for female secretaries…

The female secretaries are all here: Female Secretaries

Oh yeah, don’t forget the delicious meals you eat to get workemon to work while you’re away! And going to the gym!

Now I’m at the horrible part of rebuilding the Workemon Center. This part made me crack up!


Okay that’s pretty much it so far. Will post more pics later if there are anymore.


What Angelic Layer Taught Me

Chapter 6

Lots of fashion related elements!

Check out how Misaki looks like in her Chinese outfit!


She has this really cute purse~



This is a good cosplay idea.


Who wants an Angel Card? I do, I do~


Electronics of the future is love!


Cooking and housekeeping is what makes Misaki such a wonderful girl.


The clothes under her apron is super kawaii.


Her itinerary is neat- talk about note-taking skills.


And there’s cooking. Yum!