New Manga Idea

I’ve got this story idea, where there’s a love triangle between a monk, a robber and a male geisha. The male monk has supernatural powers and the woman robber came into the temple with a samurai sword. She spared the monk’s life, and the monk tried to make her give up her ways, which she doesn’t do. The woman robber is in love with a soft-spoken and insightful male geisha, who often offers her words of kindness and comfort. The geisha, however, is suicidal and is attracted to the monk, who has no sexual interest in him. The monk is the embodiment of a sacred, sinless being, except for the notion that he desires to marry the woman robber, which will devoid him of being a monk.


I’ve thought of a better story, in which the monk persuades the burglar woman to drop her sword with his magic powers. Burglar woman decides to become his disciple and change her ways. However the monk is very strict and cold towards her. She tried very hard to keep up with the teachings. She grew to like this monk but couldn’t stand any more of the stress. She fled to the arms of the male geisha, who suggested her to find someone who loves her just as she is, than trying to modify her into someone she isn’t. 


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